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New Name, New Content, New Look

The Master Online Photovoltaics will be offered as the Master of Science Solar Energy Engineering starting with the new winter semester. This new name also includes a few changes in the curriculum to offer more flexibility and choices in topics.

For more information please find our press release here. Our new homepage is available at If you have more questions, please contact us directly.


Master Online Photovoltaics

The Master Online Photovoltaics is a part-time distance learning program offering a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree or Certificates of Advanced Studies in solar energy engineering. Students will engage in the technology and engineering of solar cells, photovoltaic systems and grid integration.

The program allows students to advance their careers in industry companies, government or nonprofit organizations by providing a fundamental background in state-of-the-art and future solar energy engineering.


From Short Modules to Comprehensive Knowledge

From the Module Studies Program you will graduate within four to ten months and receive a "Certificate of Advanced Studies" in your field of specialization. Next application deadline is October 15, 2015.

From the Master Program you will graduate within two to three years with a "Master of Science" degree in Photovoltaics from University of Freiburg. Next application deadline is September 1, 2015.


Content from Solar Cell Design to Grid Integration

The Master Online Photovoltaics focuses on physics, technology and system design of photovoltaics to convey expertise in solar energy engineering. The lectures will go deep into the technological and engineering aspects of photovoltaic systems.

By completing the course, you will be able to develop, design and optimize semiconductor devices and photovoltaic systems with respect to efficiency, cost, lifetime and grid integration. Excellent researchers from the Fraunhofer ISE and the University of Freiburg provide instruction based on the latest scientific and technological knowledge.

Stay in your Job and Study on Top - from any Place

You will spend most of your time studying online from any place in the world. Downloadable scripts and e-lectures give you the freedom to use free time slots on business trips and train rides for your education and career building.

The highlight of every semester is a short campus phase in Freiburg. You will meet lecturers and fellow students personally and experience hands-on training in Fraunhofer ISEs labs. Invited speakers from science and industry will bring you deeper into the photovoltaics community a community that is growing in number and importance.

Entry with Many Different Degrees Possible

The Master Online Photovoltaics is designed for people from all over the world who are already in a job. Therefore we accept a broad range of previous degrees. Bachelor, Master, the German Diplom or FH-Diplom, and equivalent foreign degrees are welcome. To ensure in-depth technological education and well prospering students we require a technological background by education or profession.

Students of the first year of the MO Photovoltaics doing a laboratory class during Campus Phase at Fraunhofer ISE.

The program at a glance

Part-time distance learning

 Study from any place via internet
Learn on train rides and business trips
Well-established e-learning platform
 Two workshops per year in Freiburg


"Certificate of Advanced Studies"
"Master of Science"
Awarded by University of Freiburg
 Expertise from Fraunhofer ISE
 Focus on Physics and Engineering
MSc qualifies for further PhD studies

Designed for professionals in

Research and Development
PV Production and Automation
 Technical and Business Consulting

Requirements for application

MSc or BSc in science or engineering
Professional experience of one year

Accredited by